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Isthmus Jazz Festival Awards Jazz Personality 2015 to Nick Moran

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Mayoral Proclamation Jazz Personality 2015On Saturday, June 21 at the 2014 Isthmus Jazz Festival, I had the privilege of being named Isthmus Jazz Personality Of The Year. It was an honor to receive this recognition. Other ‘Personalities’ from previous years include Ben Sidran, Jan Wheaton, Kelly DeHaven and Roscoe Mitchell. The kicker was speaking before the festival headliner  Richard Davis’ performance. I used the opportunity to speak on the plight of local jazz musicians in our city and reminded people that, by just simply deciding to go out more to hear live music, they can greatly help improve our local jazz scene. The whole experience was pretty fun and cool…

The Goodie Two-Shoes [Live] Be Still My Beating Heart

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This is Megan’s arrangement of the classic Sting tune. She’s also playing the fender rhodes and I’m supplying the beat on my bass.

Be Still My Beating Heart

New Breed Jazz Jam Session at the Cardinal Bar

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New Breed Jazz Jam at the Cardinal Bar

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