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Strollin Schenk’s Corners

Posted by:Nick Moran on Jun - 12 - 2014 - Filed under: News/Gigs -

strollin_logoIn my new position as Coordinator for Musician-Led Project Development for The Greater Madison Jazz Consortium, I co-produced Madison’s first ever Jazz Crawl. Strollin Schenk’s Corners was a huge success and we’re hoping to duplicate this effort throughout the Greater Madison area.

Here’s a taste of the eventYouTube Preview Image

Tani Diakite and The AfroFunkStars release the full length album ‘Dalonkan’

Posted by:Nick Moran on Oct - 17 - 2012 - Filed under: News/Gigs -

I’m very happy to announce the release of Tani Diakite and The AfroFunkStars first full length album. We recorded this whole album in one session at DNA studios together in one room. No edits. About as organic as one could get… just like Tani himself :)

Check my audio page for samples of the new recording as well as exclusive live recordings of this exciting new project. Please visit Tani’s bandcamp page to digitally download the recording and to read translations of Tani’s wonderful lyrics. You can find out more on our upcoming performances by liking Tani’s Facebook page.


Jamming at The Jamboree in Barcelona, Spain

Posted by:Nick Moran on Aug - 19 - 2012 - Filed under: News/Gigs,Video -

It was super fun to sit in at a session in Barcelona. I called Hank Mobely’s “This I Dig of You”. This is a clip of my solo…

YouTube Preview Image

Phat Phunktion Tours Japan!

Posted by:Nick Moran on May - 19 - 2012 - Filed under: News/Gigs -

Six wonderful shows in Tokyo and Yokohama with the tightest funk band around. It was such an honor to perform for the people of Japan!

We had a blast, melted some faces and laughed together the entire time. Here are a few snapshots from the tour:
















Funkatopia reviews the new Phat Phunktion Album

Posted by:Nick Moran on Mar - 7 - 2012 - Filed under: News/Gigs -

Thanks to for their kind write-up and high praise for Phat’s new album. I get a kick that they are also reviewing artists like Bilal, Fishbone and The Roots. That’s some very good company. You can check out the full article here. I love their rating system. The album was awarded a rating of 4 out of 5 Afros!

MSN Beat Culture [Japan] calls Phat’s new album “glorious and fun!”

Posted by:Nick Moran on Dec - 15 - 2011 - Filed under: News/Gigs -

You can see the original article here

and for my friends who don’t speak japanese, here’s a translation:

“Phat Phanktion, from Madison, Wisconsin, is a “brass funk band”, powered by its sharp-edged horn section. The horns, consisting of sax, trombone, and two trumpets, together with a tight rhythm unit full of groove, as well as deep chorus ensemble provide the warm yet powerful groove throughout. The band has common distinctive features with, yet rivals or surpasses, Tower of Power, which made its mark on the 70’s west coast scene. It is a surprising fact that a band with such authority exists today.

This is the band’s fourth album, after some member changes from their previous release. It is obvious that the member changes caused no negative impact, which is proven as soon as you hear the opening song “You Want It All”. From there on, relaxed “With You” through the closing EWF cover of “Jupiter”, the entire album is glorious and fun!”

YES! I always strive for “no negative impact” 😉

Isthmus rates newest Phat Phunktion cd among top 10 albums of 2011

Posted by:Nick Moran on Dec - 4 - 2011 - Filed under: News/Gigs -

Congratulations to Phat Phunktion’s Real Life .:. High Fidelity on being named by Isthmus Newspaper’s as one of the top 10 albums of 2011. From the Isthmus…

“The members of Phat Phunktion coped with the pain of real life during the time spent making this album. The fiancée of saxophonist Al Falaschi was stricken with cancer. She died in 2009. But funk music has a way of fending off darkness. “You Want It All” is the leadoff track, powered by staccato horns and grooving guitars. Lyrically, it offers a message of hope: “We’ve all got to live for something.” Tim Whalen’s piano grounds “Miss Madison,” and the improvisation shows the band’s strong jazz influences. The lyrics are steeped in local culture: “Dreaming of a night on the Terrace/The moon’s gonna light the stage.”

Phat Phunktion reminds us that despite real tragedies, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate all that’s good.”

Click here for a link to the original Isthmus article.

New Breed Jazz Jam Session at the Cardinal Bar

Posted by:Nick Moran on Nov - 29 - 2011 - Filed under: News/Gigs,Uncategorized -

New Breed Jazz Jam at the Cardinal Bar

Hey Santa Baby! It’s here…

Posted by:Nick Moran on Nov - 26 - 2011 - Filed under: News/Gigs -

I had a great time in the studio with Gerri DiMaggio and Paul Hastil. I’m pretty sure this is my first christmas record:-) click here  for audio samples from Gerri’s website. You can purchase the album on cd baby here. Please join us this Thursday, December 1st at the Edgewater Hotel 6-9pm to celebrate the album’s release.


Dumate Oct. 15

Posted by:Nick Moran on Oct - 15 - 2011 - Filed under: News/Gigs -
Saturday, October 15 at 9:00pm, majestic theater

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